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What else do we do besides climbing, cycling, camping, cooking, culture and creativity? Find out what we have been up to during our careers so far, how we enjoy life long learning in several fields and what we use as sources of inspiration.

Career Paths

Harmen de Boer

Harmen has worked as a reservoir engineer in different settings for nine years: at a technical consultancy, an operating company and a head office. Usually as part of a small sub-surface team he was responsible for all petroleum engineering aspects of the asset or project. These responsibilities included supervision of field operations, peer reviews and evaluations as part of commercial projects. The core competencies Harmen has developed are:

  • analysing and integrating data
  • cooperating and collaborating, especially within a multi-disciplinary team
  • thinking conceptually and creating a vision on the way forward

Primarily Harmen has region-specific knowledge and expertise on the Southern North Sea and, to a lesser extent, on West Africa and the Middle East. His goal for the near future is to apply what he has learned in the Southern North Sea in a more complex operating environment. Harmen performs best in a lean and agile company. Exploration and appraisal projects attracts him most, but he can get equally excited about finding opportunities for stranded fields or in mature assets. In the longer-term Harmen wants to be more involved in strategy and decision-making and further develop himself in leadership.

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Rose Bruins

Rose has worked in internationalisation and international marketing of higher education for four years and switched to Lean consultancy during her employment at one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands. During six years, she helped several teams, from higher management to the work floor to implement the principles of continuous improvement in their processes and daily work flow.

Emigrating and following Harmen’s career to Geneva meant giving up her job in change management but also gave her the chance to reflect upon her career, with the help of the excellent support programme of Von Rohr & Associates. This lead to exploring three possible career objectives:

  1. Continuing as a Lean consultant
  2. Publishing, editing, writing (in the broadest sense of the word, from paper to digital)
  3. Photography

Rose started this website to experiment with these new directions and will continue to do so during their travels through Europe. To prepare for this, she followed a 3-day bootcamp in using WordPress and the intensive 3-week Basic Photography Education at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. Let’s see what the future has in store for her and if she will make a career change.

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Career Support


During our stay in Geneva we received wonderful career support from the consultants at the Von Rohr and Associates company. I followed a so-called Spouse Employment Support Programme. What I really loved was the Career Storm ™ Navigator, a tool to analyse your career. In a very broad way, but most important, from a positive point of view. Of course you look back, but mainly to decide your way forward. Together with the meetings with my consultant, it gave me the confidence to explore new directions, like website design (this one is my first!), publishing and photography.

On top of that, Von Rohr provides excellent workshops about Targeting Your Market, Networking Smartly, LinkedIn Tips & Tricks, Effective Interviewing, and more. If you ever get the offer to follow their programme – paid by your (former) employer of course – go for it!

Life Long Learning


Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are a great way to explore new fields and develop your knowledge. Harmen is especially good at this. It is a joy to hear him talk about what he has learned and to see how it inspires him.

past-reality-integration-background-logoSources of Inspiration

Past Reality Integration (PRI)

Self reflection and personal development, you name an instrument and I have tried it. Sessions of all sorts (cognitive therapy, personal coaching), reading lots of books on the subject of living in the here and now, following workshops in MBTI® (even got my accreditation) and Insights® Discovery. Still, I was not satisfied with the way I reacted emotionally in certain daily life situations. I just could not accept that much of what I learned only stuck for a short while.

Fortunately, at a turning point in my life, I spoke to someone who told me to read a book by psychologist Ingeborg Bosch “Rediscovering The True Self”. She describes an approach to life that she has called Past Reality Integration (PRI in short). For me it was an eye opener. So much so that I wanted to learn to use the instruments with the help of a PRI coach. I can use some professional support once in a while!

Long story short: PRI helps me to have a positive view on myself and life, to not get stuck in an emotional turmoil over seemingly little incidents, to react with empathy instead of frustration, to feel more connected to and have more loving relationships with the people around me. And of course this is a life long learning process which never stops, but at least I now have useful instruments to help me along the way.

Zen Habits Blog

zen-habits-book-coverA blog by Leo Babauta, read by over 2 million people. Weekly inspiration to create and keep new habits, change your behaviour, change your perception and how you feel in situations.

HeartMath Exercises

heartmath-screen-iphone5s-with-sensorI don’t know about you guys, but I cannot sit still for 5 minutes and meditate. However, what I can keep up is looking at a screen and focus on my breathing, through the heart, and try to get my heart rate variance in balance. And afterwards you get this cool graphic summary of how well you did. Perfect for my data driven soul! Simply invest in the HeartMath Inner Balance sensor (not cheap, unfortunately), download the App and get started. See why in this video.