I gave up my job as Lean consultant to emigrate to Geneva, to follow my husband's career and fulfil our dream of living closer to the mountains. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. The oil price plummeted and that meant the end of many positions in the oil industry. Together with a low career wise came a low in family circumstances. We decided to return to the Netherlands and wait for future highs. In the meanwhile, what else is there to do than following your other dreams? Travelling through Europe in a camper van, climbing, cycling, enjoying cooking and culture, and at the same time doing more creative things and making something beautiful.


This website is a way to follow our journeys in these six C's, but also in our personal and career development. We will post blogs in both Dutch and English, depending on what we feel like. Personally, I sometimes experience writer's block when switching to English... For me, creating this site is also a way to experiment with web design and to publish my photography portfolio.

You can follow us the traditional way, by subscribing to e-mail updates whenever there are new posts, or like our Facebook page. Cyclists might want to connect with us on Strava (see our Cycling page). For professional networking you are welcome to connect with either of us via LinkedIn. Personal messages are also welcome: please use the contact form on the "And More.." page.


Where are we? Visit us!

For people who are in the neighbourhood or plan a trip to meet us. Let's literally share (a part of) our journeys! Just drop us a line via e-mail, WhatsApp or Facebook and we will let you know where we are or where we are heading.